Gordon Ramsey : sheds light on botox rumours

"A lot of people love you...a lot of people hate you. But you are not boring' surmised an Australian newsreader during an interview with Gordon Ramsey recently.

Asked how it is that he's come back from America looking so refreshed botoxed, Ramsey first enquired as to whether the female anchor was 'stupid' and then 'partially blind', before eventually telling the nervous newsmen to 'stop fu*king around' - and walking off.

That's a no to botox then. Or is it? Angry Gord's forehead has been looking as peachy as a new born's bum recently. Suspicious seen as he's spent the last few months raging at the purile stupidity of hapless American chefs fools. We say yes he's had work. Testosterone = wrinkles, and he's full of it! Check out Gordon's Australian encounter. Palpable fury.

Gordon Ramsey - talks Botox

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