Gordon Ramsay's secret ready meal empire

If you're forking out half your monthly earnings on a night in a Gordon Ramsay establishment, you want to know that the man himself has at least peeled some of the potatoes, or mashed some of the veg. The Gordy stamp of approval had better be all over that food like a rash, otherwise frankly, what's the point?

Well, according to investigative reporters The Sun, your fancy dinner at a Gordon Ramsay diner is likely to have been rustled up by an unknown chef called Darren in a backstreet in Clapham. The Sun claim that it is from this 'secret' Sarf London vault that a vast amount of Gordon Ramsay fodder is cooked; it is then transported by transit van to an array of top notch locations, where it is reheated and served with a fresh sprig of parsley on top.

Coq au vin is popped in a placky bag and sold at 2.95 a pop; fishcake mash bagged up at 1.92 a go; and sausage rolls flogged at 75p each. Unfortunately the prices Gord charges for the reheated ready meals aren't quite so palatable. The fishcakes for example are bumped up to a hearty £11.25 and the sausage rolls, £3.25.

Obviously all this is highly embarrassing for the volatile alpha male chef who has publicly recoiled in horror at the very mention of ready meals in the past. But with an estimated £60 million fortune in the bank, he'll probably get over it....and viewers will finally understand why Gordon loses so regularly when it comes to an F Word cook off.....

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