Gordon Ramsay: the food at Buckingham Palace is sh*t

Gordon Ramsay has been shooting his mouth off again this time slamming the food served up at Buckingham Palace as 'sh*t'. The foul-mouthed celebrity was speaking to US TV host Jay Leno about his dinner with the Queen.

The Hell's Kitchen star told Leno that: 'You don't actually get to know who's cooking for the Queen - but I'm never employ him because the food was sh*t. I'd never give him a job.' Ramsay met Elizabeth II in 2006 when he was made an OBE.

While the irascible chef was besotted with the Queen, the Palace's kitchen just didn't cut the mustard. 'The food was sh*t but she was lovely. Unfortunately you've got to go through the ceremony with the canapes which are just absolutely shockingly sh*t.'

Somehow we don't think that old Gordo will be getting asked back by Her Majesty for tea and scones anytime in the near future.

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