Gordon Ramsay blows his top on BBC Breakfast

Gordon Ramsay has been involved in another onscreen row after being questioned on whether or not he still cooked in his restaurants. The star of Kitchen Nightmares reacted angrily after being quizzed by Bill Turnbull on BBC Breakfast about how much time he spends in the kitchen.

'When you go and spend £500 on an Armani suit and you are happy with it, you don't ask the lady at the desk whether it was Georgio himself who stitched it,' Ramsay replied. 'I know the con­fidence I have in my team. In fact we have been together for over ten years – how can you propel talent if you don't expose them?'

Ramsay continued by focusing his attention on Turnbull: 'You sound sad. I am 42 years of age. I have been at the stove for 21 years, I want a life outside my kitchen, sorry. Would you like me to polish you shoes Bill, come on, get a life.'

The notoriously foul mouthed celebrity chef was on the show promoting a range of sauces created to raise money for Comic Relief.

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