Gor Blimey!

Since leaving office in 1991, Gorbachev has tirelessly strived to shift the world's perception of him from 'that man with the big birthmark on his forehead' to Nobel Prize winner, philanthropist and celebrity schmoozer. So, for his 80th birthday it was only fitting that the stars flocked to his party; everyone from Arnie, to Ted Turner to (ahem) Holly Valance came to pay homage.

A PR type told The Daily Mail, 'This gala has been organised to honour Mikhail Gorbachev, a man who truly changed the world for the better through his actions and example. This event will celebrate his achievements by bringing together major artists from East and West in a night of celebration.'

The celebrity packed schmoozathon will apparently raise millions for Gorb's charity, The Raisa Foundation, named after his good lady wife. Attendees shelled out up to £100,000 for the honour of partying with the likes of Mel C and er, John Major.

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