Goody papped in nightclub brawl

It wasn't the calm Essex Easter Jade Goody might have planned for.

The Celebrity Big Brother 'star' spent Easter Sunday night girl-brawling with an unknown blonde at an Essex nightclub.

The two locked horns after Goody was 'set upon' by the blonde and forced to defend herself in a series of terrifying moves. Including hugging her attacker cheek to cheek. Grappling with hair. And tickling her ears! In fact from the look of the pics, the slugging match seemed more like a faux lesbo clinch than a scratchy catfight!

Still, bloody or not, it's all bad publicity for the ex reality star, who's struggled to stay in the limelight after being branded a bullying racist on Celebrity Big Brother. (Although we have to admit her News of The World 'I'm sorry' to Shilpa Shetty seemed pretty heartfelt.)

Lets hope this recent scuffle wasn't Jade's fault. And if it was - could we soon be seeing another weepy tele-apology like this?

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