Goodbye single life

Ladies, depending on the state of your desperation, you’ll be pleased/not pleased to hear that Russell Brand’s days of being a single man took another giant leap towards monogamy with a sleb-filled stag weekend, er, at the weekend.

According to The Sun, the knees-up started at the Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire where Rusty Rockets met a gaggle of his usual suspects including Noel Gallagher, David Walliams, David Baddiel and Carl Barat, where they then headed in a mini-bus into London to watch Russell’s team West Ham beat Spurs 1-0. Post-match celebratory meal took place at Gordon Ramsey’s York & Albany bistro where partner in crime Jonanthan Ross joined them. The day's fun wrapped up at the ever so-classy strip joint Stringfellows.

Russell’s marriage to poptart Katy Perry is due to take place next month. We give it 47 years.

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