Goodbye, Primrose Hill set

The Primrose Hill set, once the most fashionable, debauched gang in B-list celebrity history, is now sadly defunct. The set once encompassed stars of film, music, modelling, as well as hundreds of moneyed hangers-on, but alcholism and maternity seems to have sounded the final death knell for the group. Davinia Murphy, once a key member, along with Kate Moss, Jude Law and Sadie Frost, has cut off all contact with her old friends, as part of her battle to stay off the liquor.

Davinia told Closer magazine, It was really hard cutting them off because they were my family for about 15 years. But I knew it was an absolute necessity. Alcoholism is a complicated disease and you never know when you’ll be tempted to pick up another drink.'

She continued, 'I’ve been completely sober for over a year. I just want to focus on the positive things in my life. I’ve been taking medication throughout this pregnancy to keep calm. I really believe in that and meditating. I feel like I’ve put my demons behind me. I’m still in touch with Dave and I see my son regularly. We’re a happy, dysfunctional family.'

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