Good Will Plumping

It's refreshing to see a big name actor not afraid to suffer for his art. Matt Damon has piled on a lot of pudge for his role in new movie The Informant, and not only that, he's sprouted one of the scariest moustaches we've ever seen.

Damon has beefed up for his role as Mark Whittaker - a real life employee of a major US business-agro powerhouse turned informant. Whittaker was the youngest and most high level employee to turn informant in US history, and has since been lauded as a national hero.

We think Damon's transformation beats Renee Zellwegger's Bridget Jones expansion pants down - Renee still managed to look sexy by maximising her inflated assets. Damon, sorry darl but those manboobs really aren't doing anything. Click to see a supersized Matt Damon.

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