Good God! Gervais has pop religion

Ricky Gervais has gone where John Lennon so famously regretted going; he’s had a pop at religion, calling everyone who believes what they read in the bible “f**king mental.” Gulp!

The comment was in retaliation to this damning critique of his current movie ‘The Invention Of Lying’: "If they had been honest about the intent of the film, I might have been tempted to see it” read The Beliefnet preview. "Knowing that I'll be mocked is one thing but being duped into paying to see a movie that insults me as a gullible sap is another. It's a good thing I'm not gullible enough to go see a movie without reading a review first."

The rotund Gervais quickly responded on his blog. "I'm sure [the writer] is not gullible enough to read a review and totally believe it wholeheartedly and then pass her own judgement based solely on hearsay without seeing the film first. That would be ridiculous”, before opening up a can of proverbial worms; "that would be like me believing that the Earth was made in six days just because it was written in one book with no evidence to back it up. That would be f**king mental, wouldn't it?"

Hey, Ricky? Thanks for The Office and Extras, nice knowing you, bye!

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