Good Evans!

Sir Terry Wogan announced this morning that he is to step down from his Radio 2 Breakfast Show. And the new host? Current Drive-Timer Chris Evans.

The dramatic, but not surprising news will naturally be disappointing to some of Sir Tel’s 8 million listeners but there was always only going to be one person good enough and ginger enough to take over the prestigious slot.

“It's very much Terry's story not mine, as well it should be,” said a gracious Evans on his Radio 2 blog. “To step down from something you have done so well and for so long and obviously still enjoy doing, must be a tough call even for such a stoic as Sir Tel. Good luck Mr. W. I promise I will do my utmost not to let you and your listeners down X.”

Nearly 30 years ago Wogan took over the hotseat of the Radio 2 breakfast show, and nearly 30 years on it has grown to be the undisputed biggest radio show in the UK. Evans has a big task ahead of him but we’re sure he’ll be up for the challenge.

The change will hit our airwaves in January.

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