Goldie Cheung quits X Factor

The X Factor production team was faced with further problems after a finalist quit the show over fears that she was being cast as this year's 'joke act'.

Goldie Cheung is the first person to walk out of the hit reality programme after having been selected for the live show and public vote stage.

The 49-year-old mother of two was one of the 16 acts chosen to move into the X Factor house in Hertfordshire for the remainder of the show.

However, Ms Cheung failed to turn up at the at the £5 million house last Sunday and an X Factor spokesperson has since confirmed that the Hong Kong native had left the show for 'personal reasons'.

The Mail on Sunday reported yesterday that Cheung had decided to leave the show over fears that she would be turned into a national laughing stock similar to Wagner Carrilho last year.

The 49-year-old is married to David Webb, 52, who worked for Chris Patten, the former British Governor of Hong Kong, and the Mail claims that the decision to quit the X Factor came after the couple discussed Cheung's portrayal on the programme so far.

The X Factor production team had to face further problems last week with contestant Sian Phillips being kicked off the show after it emerged that she had served a prison sentence for affray. As a result the 24-year-old was unable to obtain a visa to travel to Miami with her fellow contestants.

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