Gok Wan had a 'totally sexual crush' on Tony Blair

When a young smug Tony Blair first burst onto the political stage there were plenty of things people said about him, dynamic, charming, charismatic, maybe even suave. But we can't recall anyone ever going as far as to full on fancy him.

Well Gok Wang has stuck his neck out and said just that - that Tony in his heyday made him feel all funny in his tummy.

"I had a huge crush on Tony Blair, in a totally sexual way. He was so powerful but nerdy at the same time. That’s my ideal man - a bit geeky but strong." Distressing as those visions first seem, i.e Gok stripping Tony to the nip and getting to grips with his pesky love handles.....in a funny way we can kind of see them together. Thoughts?

Watch Gok being quickfire sarky with HolyMoly.

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