Gok my wok

Proving that he's not a one trick pony when it comes to reality tv, friendly makeover mogul Gok Wan is turning his hand to Chinese cookery. In a six part show to air on Channel Four, Gok will guide hapless viewers through Chinese recipes that are healthier and simpler than their takeaway counterparts. Not only that, 'Gok Cooks Chinese' (a title that sums up the premise of the show perfectly) will bring a new star to the fore - Gok's dad, Papa Wan.

A source told The Sun, 'He loves home-cooked Chinese food and over the years has perfected many dishes of his own. He really wants to show Brits who love a good takeaway that true Chinese cookery is faster, healthier and more delicious than anything you can get delivered to your front door.

'From the ultimate kitchen tool — the wok — through to a handful of basic, simple ingredients, Gok will guide viewers through the easy essentials to mouth-watering food. And he can't wait to get his dad — who is a Chinese restaurateur and chef — involved too. Gok affectionately calls him Papa Wan and the series will show just how close they are.'

Anything Gok touches turns to ratings gold so it probably won't be that surprising to see how this one pans (boom boom) out....

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