Going Gaga in Graceland

Back to pop school for Lady Gaga after getting a D- in history. The Poker face star and her entourage of desperate hangers on recently got into a fight with members of the Elvis Presley fanclub, and taunted them for still worshipping the star, decades after his death. Okay, good point, but the fight took place at Gracelands. Surely prime territory for a bit of Presley worship?

According to Las Vegas gossip columnist Norm Clarke, the rowdy Gaga-ites shouted at the Presley obsessives, 'He's been dead over 30 years. Get over it!'. President of the Elvis fan club, Sue Laurenz hit back, saying 'We're going to stand up for our man.'

Um, take it from us - we doubt Elvis is particularly bothered, though it sounds like the fans think Gaga's the devil in disguise...

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