Going back to her roots

For a woman who once showed so much class, Jordan is really starting to go back to her roots. First it was the kebab shop row with a random drunk, now it’s a full blown punch-up between her boyfriend and some gipsy bare-knuckle boxers while on a night out at the cage fight. How the mighty have fallen.

Not that you can blame Alex Reid for a bunch of drunks wanting to kick off with him, nor can she be blamed for checking out what he does for a living. Still, it can’t be nice being shoved to the ground by a group of drunk angry men while your fella takes one in the chops from a jealous chump who’d just lost his first ever bout.

‘He wound me up,’ said one of his entourage. ‘He's an arrogant w***** who was walking around like he owned the place. We had a problem with him and were going to sort it out but he chickened out (of course he did - Ed). He deserves to get his head kicked in.’

‘Unfortunately these guys had some argument with Alex,’ said Andy Jardine, who organised the Extreme Brawl evening at the Radisson Edwardian Heathrow Hotel in West London. ‘One of the fighters fancied his chances and wanted to prove himself by offering Alex outside, which was a stupid thing to do. He said he wanted to fight Alex and Alex said, “I'm not being funny, but you've just had your first fight and lost and I've fought some of the best in the world”.

‘He didn't like that answer and the fight started there. The security team were involved. Everyone was grappling with each other. They got everyone outside and some people's shirts came off.’

Dane Bowers was also there spinning some tunes, but fortunately for everyone else didn’t bother opening a can on them all.

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