Go Ker-azy

This year's XFactor has already been 'enlivened' by the addition of vice girls and the clinically insane, and perhaps the inevitable boost to the ratings has persuaded Simon Cowell that the more mental, the better. He has issued an edict to auditionees to like, totally go crazy.

Cowell told The Daily Mail, 'You have got to have some sort of control in there, but at the end of the day you want to have the personalities through so it's fun. They are entering the music business for all the right reasons, and that is not to sit in the library till three in the morning. I am just trying to encourage them this year to be their age and do what they like if they have a career as a pop star, and for everyone to be a bit more relaxed about it.'

Yeah, you wild stage-school kids - what are you waiting for?

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