GMTV cull claims another victim

Bore-athon early morning show GMTV, has suddenly become the most riveting thing on the box, thanks to the bizarre HR policy that has been practised by ITV in revent months. With producers deciding that GMTV had become too cosy, stars have been axed one by one, with others such as Penny Smith and Ben Shepherd leaping before they were culled. Now Andrew Castle has followed, announcing his departure yesterday - possibly to make way for the smiling, yet chillingly ambitious Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles.

With his niceness firmly on display, Castle told viewers, 'I have had a fantastic 10 years fronting one of the UK’s most watched television programmes, but with all the changes taking place at GMTV I felt it was time for a new chapter in my life as well. I enjoyed both meeting and working with some very talented people at the programme and I wish all those at GMTV every success in the future.'

This could perhaps be translated as; 'That evil pair Bleakley and Chiles have edged me out, may the sea crush their bones.' Erm, possibly.

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