Global conspiracy

Joe McElderry's single 'Ambitions' didn't get to Number 1. Now we cynical folk assumed that this was because it erm, wasn't that brilliant. But we were sorely mistaken - apparently he missed the top spot thanks to some blacklisting from Global Radio (who own Heart, Capital FM and Galaxy) who instead favoured his label-mates The Wanted.

According to The Mirror, 'It is actually true that Global haven’t included Joe’s song on their playlists – and given that they own stations including Heart, Capital FM, Galaxy, we could see that this would have had an effect on Joe’s sales. It gets a little more interesting...angry Joe fans are blaming the decision on The Wanted. Not just because that skinhead looks a bit scary, but because The Wanted are represented by Global Talent (owned the same folk as Global Radio) and their album is released on the same date as Joe’s. They reckon Global have been blocking Joe because his record Wide Awake is The Wanted’s biggest competition when it comes to the UK’s number one album slot.'

As one fan so eloquantly put it, 'Why have Global Radio played @theWantedmusic,managed by Global,2148 times in last 30 days but played @joemcelderry91 0 times?'


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