Glee star: we want Adele

Anyone who’s ever felt even the slightest bit alienated from their peers, or harboured a secret desire to express their musical side, loves Glee. It’s for those people who never quite fit in at school, not for the kool kats like us, who were the life and the soul of every house party, and who girls were falling over themselves to go out with. Right?

Anyway, it turns out that chart-topper Adele is a big fans of the show, and only turned down a chance to act in it because of nerves. However, the soul sensation may yet realise her dream of having her music sung on the show, as the show’s star Matthew Morrison says that he wants her music for a one-off episode. The girl’s getting everywhere, isn’t she?

‘I don't know if Adele's an actress but I would love to hear her music on Glee,’ said Morrison. ‘It would be my extreme honour to work with her. I think her voice is from another planet. She's so amazing.’

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