'Give me a break!'

X Factor's Cher Lloyd has become the Marmite of the pop world. In the manner of Jade Goody (RIP) she attracts a fair amount of adoration and opprobrium in equal measures. And now the 18 year old popette has taken the bold step of making a direct plea to her (in her words) haterz, asking them to give her a chance. Coz it's all about the music, man. Unfortunately for Cher, we've all heard Swagger Jagger...

Cher told The Sun, 'People should give me a break. I don't think they understand what they're doing to me. This is what upsets me a lot and makes me think that I don't even want to do this anymore. I was delusional, because as a little girl I thought I'd become a pop star and everyone would love me and I'd have the best life ever. I'm not saying I don't have the best life ever - but it's been so tough.'

And to make matters worse, Cher tells the paper that she's been attracting the attentions of old men on Twitter. She said, 'There are old men out there that are writing on my Twitter, saying abusive things. They've probably got daughters and how would they feel if their daughter was in my position? They wouldn't like an old man talking to her like that would they.'

It sounds like she might be appealing to the wrong demographic...

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