Give me £2million, or I'm staying

It’s now all but certain that Katie Price and Alex Reid are getting divorced, with so many stories appearing in the tabloids without reply from Price that she may as well done a nude press conference outside Buckingham Palace announcing it.

However it appears that Reid is less than happy with the way that the relationship went, and has now decided that he is going to wring as much out of this divorce as is humanly possible. We at least, this is according to The Sun, who have ‘revealed’ that Reid wants £2million quid to leave the marriage, otherwise he won’t sign the papers. This could get very messy.

‘Most people haven't seen Katie cry, but she was in fits after this call,’ said a friend of hers. ‘Alex had finally agreed to release a statement about the end of their marriage and move out. He then went to the gym. Katie called him to see if he had run everything past his lawyers and he just started to laugh.

‘Alex said he had changed his mind and that there was absolutely no way she was getting rid of him that easily.’

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