Girls not so spicy

So the Spice Girls are back and currently on tour after four albums, a seven-year break and seven babies. But are they still the group of the ‘90s that we all knew and loved, or rather loved to loathe?

We say: “definitely not”. Gone are the practically home-made, garish costumes and individual style, replaced instead with sparkling designer numbers. The loud ‘n’ proud girls who shouted about “Girl Power!” at every opportunity are now restrained, media savvy self-promoters, calmly giving their opinions on family life and fashion. But is this really what we want? 

Despite being sleeker, shinier versions of what they were, the Spice Girls seem to have lost their lustre. We don’t want super-skinny girls teetering around in skin-tight costumes, almost toppling over on their way-too-high heels. That’s why we have the catwalk. We want to see the hyperactive, girls-next-door flailing around the stage in platforms.

Ginger, Posh, Baby, Sporty and Scary are gone, replaced with Skinny, Skinnier, Mumsy, Miserable and the One Who Got Knocked Up By The Donkey From Shrek. The Spices have definitely lost some of their flavour…

(Image: from YouTube)

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