Girls A-rowed

Everyone knows what it’s like when girls have a row: they go through the rigmarole of texting each other how they feel about every perceived slight, even if there was no offence meant, or if the other party had actually done anything at all. The row usually blows over after a couple of days and usually finishes with a daft tearful hug and promises of ‘it never happening again’. Of course it happens again about two months later. Thankfully for the rest of the world, this is usually restricted to private communications, or at worst some amusing correspondence through Facebook, but when it comes to Girls Aloud that luxury is out of the window.

Apparently Cheryl Cole is less than happy with Girls Aloud bandmate Nadine Coyle, who has, according to The People, been pretending to be a bezzy mate and actually not being all that useful at all.

‘Cheryl feels completely betrayed by Nadine,’ said an insider. ‘She is hurt that she didn't hear from her after Ashley's cheating but she feels even more upset and angry that Nadine came out in public to insist that she had tried to get in touch with her.

‘The rest of the band are even more disgusted with Nadine's behaviour and are fully behind Cheryl. They have been together for seven years and have got a pact that they support one another through the tough times. The support and help Cheryl has had from the other girls has been tremendous but Nadine hasn't bothered.

‘Not only has she not bothered but she has pretended to the band's fans that she has been a great friend and has been the one who has been shunned but that is complete rubbish.’

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