Girls Aloud's Nicola tells Chris Moyles to F*** Off

Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts has told Radio One DJ Chris Moyles to f**k off after years of slagging by the portly record spinner.

Back in 2002 Moyles famously said that he fancied all of the members of Girls Aloud, apart from the ginger one, i.e. Nicola. Then last week the controversial DJ raised the heat claiming that he wanted to patch things up with Roberts, before turning around and calling her "horsey chops" live on air.

Speaking of the story to Heat magazine, the songstress said: "His obsession with me needs to stop. I don’t care what he says about me, but what bothers me is that there are loads of people being bullied for the way they look or act – they are made to feel s*** about themselves because they don’t conform to how society wants them to be."

While Nicola may secretly have been contemplating going down the Geri Haliwell route to stop Moyles' slagging, i.e. dye the bleeding head off yourself until there isn’t a hint of ginger left, it won't be necessary as the rotund DJ has since issued a full on air apology.

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