Girls Aloud's Kimberley calls the shots

You can always rely on Kimberley of Girls Aloud to be all lovely and sensible; the epitome of restraint while the others tend to indulge in passive aggressive press warfare. While Nicola (aka the lary one) has said that there's an icy silence between the rest of GA and Nadine, Kimberley has put her diplomat's hat on.

Kimberley told the Daily Mail, 'People look for conflict where there isn’t any. In any group, there will be people you are really on the same wavelength as and others where it’s different. But it doesn’t mean we’re not friends. Nadine lives in LA now so it’s inevitable you grow apart. With Cheryl and Nicola, it’s the same [type of relationship as with my oldest friends].I don’t know why we’ve bonded like we have but I’d count them among my best friends.'

Sarah Harding, however, might not be best pleased, as she was dismissed by Kimberley as 'mad'. Well, she does have a point...

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