Girls Aloud to make more movies?

Dear oh dear guess who wants a piece of the movie pie now. Only Girls Aloud! Full of gusto following their St Trinian's silver screen debut last year, the 'illustrious' troupe have announced that they'd love to make films.

And the girls have already started custard pie-ing some truly turkey burger scripts. One of which - a horror, would have had the girls scamping through a scary forest in their bare undercrackers. Who could ever imagine the Girls being reduced to such degrading muck!

Nicola Roberts (the bolshy one), says they really want another chance to do some seeerious acting. But Kimberly Walsh is having none of that nonsense. She only wants Girls Aloud to fill the televisual void once left by Sex and The City and Friends. Two of the best loved TV series of all time.

Ummmm, right. Good luck gals, see you on HBO!

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