Girl's Aloud Nadine: I have the best voice & Cheryl's milking her woes

Remember when Nadine Coyle dated that gardener from Desperate Housewives and garnered lots of press attention? Well, we think she might be missing those pap-tastic days as in classic jealous playground behaviour, a 'friend' has let it be known that Nadine is not impressed with Cheryl's press courting ways. For her, of course, it's all about the music...

The source told Heat magazine: 'Nadine tries to keep very private and believes that her success will come through her talent and not any kind of media circus which might surround someone's private life.

'She thinks Cheryl is milking the whole situation surrounding her at the moment. Unlike Cheryl, who has a number of projects going on in the year, like The X Factor and various sponsorship deals...she thinks that her music will say it all and she'll have more credibility. Nadine always believed that she has the strongest voice.'

Strongest voice, and pulling well into the lead in the 'most unpopular member of Girls Aloud' competition...

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