Girls Aloud at war. Again

It's been four years since Girls Aloud once shimmied in the same room to one of their hits, and the likelihood of them ever ceasing hostilities long enough to record another song is looking slimmer than ever. 'Slim' is the mot du jour, as the latest bit of rivalry seems to have been caused by Kimberley criticising Nadine's weight, or lack thereof, and accusing her bandmate of not being able to run due to the slenderness of her legs. Yes, it's another random Girls Aloud battle.

Kimberley told The Mirror, 'Nadine can’t run at all. Her legs are so thin, all she does is say, ‘It hurts. It hurts to run’.' Ooh er, where we're from, that's fighting talk. Nadine hit back against the leg slur, saying, 'I have always had incredibly skinny legs. It’s in my family. If anything, I’ve put weight on since the last Girls Aloud tour. I’d hate to be a size zero. I like to look like a woman but my weight fluctuates by half a stone. I’m a size 6-8... but I’ve always been thin and I’ve been doing exercises to build up my muscle.'

Kimberley told the paper that she's very happy with her size. To be honest, she must get incredibly bored with constantly having to bore on about being a 'normal size. She said, 'I hate the word ‘normal’ but that’s what I am. Not fat. Not thin... I have a bit of cellulite. If women look at me and feel more comfortable about their bodies, I think it’s a positive thing. I grew up thinking Kate Moss was the perfect woman but that was a totally unachievable shape for me. I’ll never turn down chocolate. It’s my guilty pleasure.'

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