Girl crush alert!

Keira Knightley is certainly an actress who divides opinion; for some she's the great English actress of our age, for others, an annoying posh girl who's as wooden as a chest of drawers. Well, Eva Mendes, who starred with Keira in 'Last night' certainly puts herself in the former group.

Mendes told Vogue, 'Keira was the reason I first became interested in the film to begin with. I had always wanted to work with her - everything she's in is so intriguing and the scripts are always so strong. She's incredible as an actress. It was after I saw Keira was involved that I read the script - which I then fell in love with. She's even more beautiful in real-life.'

Eva also addressed the challenge for actresses to take responsibility for their own careers. She said, 'I don't ever want to be like those other actresses that moan about being typecast for their good looks - we typecast ourselves and we're all responsible for our careers. We just have to make it really difficult for those directors to typecast us.'

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