Ginger Request

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell appears to be single again after splitting with socialite Henry Beckwith, but the word in celebland is that she's back on the lookout already. Don't waste any time, girl!

According to Now Magazine the couple called it a day after two and a half years - and the reason seems to be Henry’s commitment issues. At 32, Beckwith was something of a toyboy for Geri, and the 7 year age gap must have caused some problems. That's the trouble with these younger men. 'She's nagged Henry about settling down and having kids, but he's refused to be pinned down. Geri feels she's wasted enough time chasing lost causes, so she ended it.' Seems that she is still able to muster some of that 90's girl power after all!

Friends of the star are worried that the split has hit Geri hard, and were concerned to see that she’d noticeably lost weight at her birthday bash at Annabel's in London two weeks ago. But it seems that Geri is bouncing back and a source reported that she has turned to old pal Robbie Williams to help find her a new man. According to Now, the source said, ‘He knows a lot of guys in LA who'd love to date her.'

Whilst Robbie, 37 who has been friends with the singer since they were rumoured to be romantically involved in 2000 has even suggested she ‘double date' with him and his wife Ayda Field. Apparently lovelorn Geri ‘wants the happy ending that Robbie's found.' True love waits, Geri, true love waits.

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