Gillian's Havers waver

Gillian McKeith continues to cause rumbles in the jungle, despite the fact that she hasn't fainted in over 24 hours. The TV 'doctor' fought with XFactor's Stacey Solomon about whether she should stay on 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here', or do a Havers.

Stacey told Gillian, 'You are on telly and you are fainting, you’re fainting in front of your children, no amount of money is worth that. If you’re so afraid and have so many phobias and are ill over it, you should go. There’s nothing keeping you here. You said it’s unbearable.' 'I have a television career and if I walk out on my contract I will not work in television again. That’s the way it works...You’re the classic person who doesn’t understand what a fear is versus a phobia. You don’t understand phobia, it’s like taking a person who can’t swim and throwing them in 10 feet of water and saying 'off you go, see if you can swim'.'

Gillian then bizarrely suggested that the only person in the world who would understand her plight is, um, Katie Price, 'She on the other hand managed to do much, much better than I did. She’s probably the only person that would understand how I feel right now.' Oh please Gillian, don't encourage her...

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