Gillian the sachet smuggler

Just when you thought that Gillian McKeith couldn't get more bizarre, she goes and surprises you. A couple of days ago, our Gill claimed that she was pregnant in order to avoid another pesky task. This time, the TV doc has revealed that she has smuggled in herbs, secreted in her M and S knickers, in order to spice up the 'I'm a Celebrity' prison rations.

According to The Daily Mail, Gillian boasted, 'I smuggled it all in my knickers. I have a small bottom and I just grew it a bit when I came in here. I had special pockets in my Marks & Spencer knickers. They are special knickers with secret pockets that I made myself with the purpose of smuggling seasoning in.'

In other 'I'm a Celeb' news, tonight is the first round of evictions, after Nigel 'posho' Havers quit. Gillian is up against Stacey Solomon, Dom Joly, Sheryl Gascoyne, Lembit Opik and Shaun Ryder.

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