Giggs fined £1million for cheating

Deciding to have a couple of extra-marital flings might just be the most expensive choice that Ryan Giggs has ever made. His Man United boss, Alex Ferguson is apparently planning to fine the player £160,000 for cheating, while Ryan has already shelled out a cool half a million for the super-injunction, as well as the £250,000 to buy his brother's silence, and an extra £100k for 'crisis talks' in Spain with his wife.

An insider told The Sun, 'Fergie will be dealing with Ryan when he gets back and is set to hit him with a big fine. It'll be an awkward 'welcome back' chat. Fergie's used to dealing with these sorts of things, though, and - while he might tear a strip off Ryan - he'll also give him all the support he can.'

Meanwhile, there are rumours that Reebok might drop Giggs as the face of the brand. When asked by the press if the sports company would offer support to the philandering footballer, Reebok responded, 'no comment.' Not exactly heart-warming words...

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