Gibson tapes were faked claims expert

A new twist has emerged in the Mel Gibson tape saga with claims from an audio expert that the recordings were faked.

In recordings leaked to RadarOnline.com Gibson is alleged to have threatened and verbally abused his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

However, Creative Forensic Services chief Arlo West has questioned the authenticity of the tapes stating that due to their high quality they appear to have been made with a professional microphone.

‘In the tapes themselves there are several things that would raise a red flag as an expert,’ Mr West told Good Morning America.

‘I found gaps, transients and fades. All three of these things would be considered in authenticating the audio itself.’

Gibson and Grigorieva are currently involved in a bitter custody battle for their eight-month old daughter Lucia.

Recordings of Gibson allegedly using racist language and referring to his former partner as a ‘whore’ were leaked to the press last week.

The Oscar-winning director is yet to deny the authenticity of the recordings but TMZ reports that his lawyers are set to present evidence that the tapes have been tampered with.

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