GHDs can go to hell

Oh dear. It seems the Christian community have got their knickers in a right twist over a new television advert and have even managed to get it banned. Apparently super straight hair is the work of the devil – so some of the Christian community are not in the least bit pleased with hair-straightener brand GHD.

Okay – so this has nothing to do with straight hair (they can curl hair too apparently…) – it’s about the adverts for the evil product. The promotional film shows scantily-clad girls praying to God (or GHD perhaps), with less than Christian requests, then at the end the words “Thy will be done” appear. The ad has received a whopping 23 complaints including one from the Archdeacon of Liverpool. Ooooh! Is this normally enough to get something banned? Although saying that, they may have a point…

From what we’ve experienced, GHDs are turning the women of today away from God. We’ve seen many a frizzy-haired girl kneeling and worshipping her GHDs, then cursing the Lord Almighty at the slightest drop of rain. And they’re super hot too!

What more evidence do we need that they’re straight from hell?

(Image: from YouTube)

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