Getting it Knightley?

Last week, Keira Knightley announced to a packed and rowdy awards ceremony that she was single and up for a snog. Well the demand seems to have worked; a mere seven days later, she's apparently loved up with James out of The Klaxons. Ooh, trendy. And to make the love-match even more Dalston, according to reports, the pair were set up by London trend-setter, Alexa Chung.

A source close to the London scene told The Mirror'She’s ­extremely happy right now and ­really enjoying spending time with James. He’s a real rocker and a lovely guy with it and she likes that whole scene – lately she’s become far more rock and roll and has been hanging out with a really trendy crowd. Alexa set them up on a date as both of them were single and they hit it off straight away. Alexa’s ­taking all the credit for them ­getting on so well – she’s like Cilla Black when it comes to hooking up her friends. Keira’s really smitten with James but wants to just quietly get on with it and see what happens.'

Could Keira do a Kate Moss and appear on stage warbling in leather trews? Here's hoping...

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