Getting fit, round two

We thought that getting fit was what she was supposed to be doing at Fat Camp? About that: she may have got a little sidetracked with a personal trainer.... Fortunately, it was a mishap that banged a nail in the nearly closed casket of her marriage to Crofty. Kerry is now on a one woman mission to get fit.

It's great that Kerry wants to shed a few pounds, giving herself untold confidence and a big in-your-face to Crofty in the process. But she's actually trimming down so she can get back on telly. The wayward reality star is aiming to be back on goggle boxes by the summer. Super C-list manager Claire Powell (who Jordan accused Peter of having an affair with) has agreed to manage Kerry on the condition that she kick Crofty to the curb and wave bye bye to class As. The Sun persuaded Powell to talk: 'Kerry approached me six months ago to take her on but I refused while Mark was still around. I do not believe he has been a positive influence on her. If she is prepared to work hard and stay clean she has a great career ahead of her.'

This seems like a fresh chance. Let's hope that Claire doesn't sign up Kezza for any degrading reality shows based on her car-crash life. We'd like to see Kerry back on Loose Women, where she was great. But before that happens - Kezza, instead of pummelling the donut belly into next week, why not take a break and get the head sorted first? Telly can be a heartless old hinterland....

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