Get to know Harry Potter better

Just in case you were looking for a way to get a little bit closer to your favourite Hogwart, look no further. One Day In The Life of Daniel Radcliffe will tell you all you could possibly need to know. It's a book, you see, of rather indulgent pics of young Harry going about his normal day.

Apparently Dan does things like, have showers; eat breakfast; sleep; have more showers; smoke rollies; eat more breakfast - the list goes on. These fascinating insights and many more form the basis of a coffee-table Potter porn book. ( Didn't we already get an eyeful thanks to Mr Radcliffe's display in stage play Equus?

We joke, it's not porn, it's art. According to to Tim Hailan, the photographer who produced the book: 'it gives a lot of young girls who want to get close to Dan, a way to get close to him.'

Come on evil marketers, we're all for stimulating the economy, but isn't this one milk of the magical udder too far..?

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