Get the Mel away from me!

The whirlwind romance between 54 year-old Mel Gibson and his young love, Oksana Grigorieva, has turned a little sour after he was forced to apply for a restraining order to prevent the 'octomum' doppelganger from approaching him.

Mel's ex told the press, 'We were very much in love. He was the biggest love of my life and that's what Mel always told me. The truth always comes out. We've been together for three years - not one year as people have been writing. The reasons (for the break-up) I cannot talk about but it will come out at some point.'

Rumours abound that the split was caused by Gibbo's constant cheating, and demands for Grigorieva to take a paternity to test, to prove their child was his. What a charming man! We can't think why he doesn't get film roles any more...

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