Get over it

The papers have been awash recently with all sort of ‘news’ about Jordan or Katie Price, or whatever she’s being called these days, trying to get under the skin of her ex-husband Peter Andre, who has somehow made himself in a popular figure, while her puppy dog of a new fella yaps around the place, his powers fading with every second he remains in her orbit... sorry where we? Ah yes, Katie Price.

If the tabloids are to be believed, Ms Price is still hung up on her ab-baring once upon a popstar former beau, even going as far as to rent a luxury house in Australia this summer with the aim of irritating him. Maybe someone should remind her (and the press) that Australia is a very big country, and there’s every chance that she might be renting a holiday home to have some fun in a pleasant country.

‘Katie is still annoyed by Pete supposedly dating her former friend Kerry Katona,’ said some mate to The Sun. ‘She thinks that by being seen out loads in Australia - where much of his family is based - it will get to him. She's hoping to rent a gorgeous house in the late summer.’

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