Get me Kasabian, Lynn

It doesn’t matter how famous or successful you are, you always have you own heroes: you could be – like say, Kasabian, for example – one of the biggest bands on the planet, but one phone call from an early morning DJ on a no-mark provincial radio station and you’re all a quiver. Especially if that DJ is comedy hero Alan Partridge.

Frontman Tom Meighan has revealed that Partridge, as played by Steve Coogan, left an abusive voicemail on his mobile, slating the band for naming themselves after Charles Manson’s getaway driver Linda Kasabian and generally being funny and that. Apparently the rant is to form part of Partridge's comeback series, which Coogan is putting online.

‘It was the most surreal thing ever,’ he said. ‘I was checking my voicemails and they were all pretty mundane... then Alan Partridge piped up.

‘He was having a right go at us, saying we were setting a bad example to kids for naming the band after Linda Kasabian. It was hysterical. I love Steve Coogan, he's a funny man.

‘I've kept it, though I'm slightly worried how he got my number - and that I'm going to feature on some wind-up show.’

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