Get Hough-t

Of all the inconsequential things we could be writing about for your entertainment, this has to be one of the most pointless: Simon Cowell has apparently decided that he doesn’t like Cheryl Tweedy/Cole hanging around with Dancer Derek Hough, and has ordered him to put a stop to it. Why on earth he gives a flying one about who she spends her time with is any body’s guess, but, if you believe some ‘insider’ who spoke to The Mirror, he thinks it’s his business to tell prospective love interests that she should be single right now. There must be some money in it or something.

‘Derek said Simon was friendly enough, but just very firmly told him exactly what he thought,’ the source claimed. ‘During the dinner Simon told Derek, ‘It's nothing personal, I just don't think Cheryl should be spending so much time with you so soon after her marriage breakup’.’

‘Derek told me Cheryl respects Simon more than anyone else and she knows it is down to him that she is where she is today. She thinks he is wise and emotionally intelligent, which is why Derek is so scared that Simon's opinion could hurt them in the long run.

‘Simon told Derek he didn't want to be mean to him, but he just wanted to make sure he did everything in his power to safeguard her happiness and career. Instead of being happy for them, he told Derek he thinks right now Cheryl should be single. He noted that she would never have got malaria if she hadn't gone off to Tanzania with Derek.

‘Simon thinks she needs a more stable routine. He also pointed out to Derek that Cheryl is reluctant to give up the name Cole - in his opinion this speaks volumes about where she is emotionally.

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