Get 'er off!

To be fair to Alison Mosshart, with the cream of fashion and entertainment gathered before you, it was always going to be a tough gig, but Jamie Hince's best-man, band mate Alison had the crowd groaning at the Moss wedding, with her long and boring speech.

A guest told The Sun, 'It was tumbleweed stuff. Alison got it all wrong. It was a rambling, boring and patronising speech. Kate had her head in her hands by the end and people were telling Kate's brother to pull the plug on the microphone.'

The eagle-eyed attendee said, 'By the end of the wedding night, there weren't many left standing. Some of the guests were passed out on Chesterfield sofas in the marquees Kate and Jamie had put up. But they wanted everyone to see in the dawn together, so had a feast at about 4am.'

The pair thanked local villagers for putting up with the noise, by handing out pots of jam and bottles of champagne, with a note saying, 'Thank you for all your patience and understanding! Lots of love Jamie and Kate.' Yep, we're sure that did the trick...

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