Geri's back to Ginger up the X-factor auditions

She's been a guest star in Sex and the City and in the UN campaign for better reproductive health care. Some might say she only ever guest-starred in the Spice Girls. But now Geri Halliwell took on perhaps her toughest in-place-of-an-actual-career gig yet: as a guest judge on the X Factor.

OK, it probably wasn't that weird for her; years ago she was a guest judge on Popstars: The Rivals where she helped select the members of Girls Aloud, including one Cheryl Tweedy, now Cole. How would Geri cope playing second fiddle to the young Geordie lass she plucked from stardom aged 17?

As this video shows, she got a pretty good response from the audience:

As 3am notes, the day was depressingly free of any catfighting, with Geri telling introducing Cheryl as 'the girl everyone wants to look like and the girl every man wants to have his arm round.' Even ex-judge Danni Minogue got in on the act, tweeting Geri good luck. Here's hoping there were some entertainingly nutty contestants to balance out all this niceness!

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