Geri primed for comeback

Lock up your tv and switch off the radio - Geri's back. The drawing-pin sized poptart has posted a message on her official website (yes, she has one and people read it) telling the good folk of planet earth that she's planning another ginger invasion. The spelling and grammar is suspiciously good, the sentiments fluffy. As well as making a veiled pass at Lady Gaga (sorry Gez, we don't think she'll want to do a duet) Ginge talks about being on the Piers Morgan show and recording new music. On a lighter note, her three year old daughter Bluebell has picked up the word 'crap'. Kids these days. Here's the Halliwell plan:

Hi hello!

How are you? I’m really good, if you wanna see me being interrogated by Piers Morgan check me out on ITV1… on Saturday night. Yes I will admit I do cry, it could have been a massive blub - but I manage to contain it…!

I was away last week and ended up skiing down a black run which was so much fun, if a little scary.

And guess what, I’m back in the studio…. which I’m really enjoying. So I’ve been playing lots of music in the house which Bluebell and I have been dancing around to. I have discovered that Bluebell loves Lady GaGa! Great taste huh?

So the other day my mother is bathing Bluebell and is trying to persuade her to wash her hair, or she’d get ‘fleas’ and my 3 year old daughter replied to her Nana 'I’m rather suspicious of the crap coming out of your mouth!'

Omg - where did she learn that!??? Ooooh dear!!

Wrap up warm with all the cold weather on the way, Big hug G xx'

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