Geri Halliwell ; no more music

So there's good news, and there's bad news. First off the good. Geri Halliwell won't be inflicting any more music on anyone ; she's hanging up her microphone and bowing out of the biz.

Bad news. She's found another avenue for her creativity - writing childrens books. Much like penning an auto biog, kids lit is safe, relatively simple, and for the most part can be written by someone else while ensuring you still get credit for it.

"I've moved on from music and I really don't have a desire to do it anymore. I just love writing and I've always loved communicating with people" says Halliwell. "I actually had some down time a few years ago and I was looking for a way to be creative. I had always enjoyed writing so I just starting writing stories and it felt very natural."

It was also a great way to flog a dead donkey - 'girl power'. "I thought 'oh my God! This could be a new medium for Girl Power by expressing it in a different way to reach a new generation!'" Halliwell's first book, 'Ugenia Lavender' is based on a 9 year old's adventures in a new school. Amazon customer reviews have described it as 'harmless enough', 'a fun read', and 'a cynical exercise in celebrity publishing'.

Check out Geri describing her heroine. 'She's inspirational, and flawed. And inspirational, and flawed.'

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