George Michael signed autographs in prison

When George Michael was banged up for drug driving there were loads of stories about him having a terrible time with the other lags, shuffling around terrified and desperate to be put into a cushy minimum security nick. All in all it seemed like the poor chap wasn’t exactly prepared for the harshness of prison life.

However, according to The Sun, a fellow prisoner at Wandsworth called N Sahodree has written a letter to Inside Time – the national newspaper for prisoners, apparently – saying that the pop star was actually quite relaxed and composed in the clink, chatting to others about Arsenal and signing autographs. We’re not convinced this isn’t a wind up, mind you.

‘When George came by the food server he looked anxious,’ he wrote. ‘My colleagues were in awe of him and speechless, but I approached George and to reassure him I said ‘George, my wife is your biggest fan’.

‘He told me to say ‘Hi’ to her. The next day when George came to the server he looked more relaxed and composed. He was very polite and pleasant.’

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