George and Brad compete for Best Actor gong

The pair might make up Hollywood's most famous bromance, but the Oscar nominations have pitted Brad Pitt and George Clooney against each other in the category of Best Actor.

They've been in competition before - in fact at last week's Golden Globes, George took home the Best Actor gong for his performance in The Descendents, leaving Brad empty handed for his portrayal of a baseball genius in Moneyball.

However the Oscars are a bigger deal, and with the two films up for Best Picture, the stakes are high.

Neither of the actors have won in the category before, although George did receive an award for a supporting role in Syriana.

Although they'll both be keen to get their hands on the Oscar, it's unlikely that the rivalry will have any effect on their down-to-earth friendship.

Clooney summed it up at the Critics Choice Awards when he said of Brad: "Look, he's my buddy, so everything that happens that's good for him makes me very happy."

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