George admits to Whamming into a shop

It's funny what drugs can make you do: sing, dance, pretend that your name is Lola and that you are, in fact, a showgirl. But the one thing it can't make you do is drive or walk in a straight line, as George Michael found out to his detriment following July's London Pride celebrations. Now the singer faces charges of driving under the influence and possible imprisonment.

Having admitted to smoking some cannabis and going on a bit of a bender after the gay Pride parade celebrations, George was unable to answer the questions put to him by police after he crashed into a Snappy Snaps store, denying he'd actually hit anything, the Sun Online reports.

Appearing before District Judge Robin McPhee at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court yesterday, George 'admitted smoking a 'small quantity' of cannabis before last month's smash but insisted he appeared woozy because of an anti-anxiety drug he was prescribed. He will be sentenced later after his lawyers present medical evidence - but was banned from driving in the interim.'

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